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The Heart of the Matter: Extreme Family Makeover

This worship series is about re-establishing the godly Christian values of a healthy family and marriage as discovered in God's word...the Bible. We need an X-treme Makeover of the family unit today and it begins with marriage.

As parents, two words haunt us more than any others: “If only . . .” We say them with slumped shoulders and deep frowns. “If only I hadn’t said that . . . If only I hadn’t done this . . . If only I had been more gracious . . . If only I could turn back the clock.” But we can’t turn back the clock. However, that doesn’t mean that we have to live with remorse or regret for the rest of our lives. God provides a way for our relationships to be restored.
Those who invest their lives raising children well are rewarded many times over for their sacrificial commitment to their families. However, all parents also know the heartache and frustration of doing what is best for their kids only to have their efforts appear to backfire. The guilt, pain, and disillusionment that often accompany the child-rearing process can bring a depth of sorrow that knows no bounds. In the midst of competing philosophies and methods of parenting, the Bible itself, reveals the best-kept secrets of wise parenting.

Are you searching for answers to your broken marriage or family...even your life. Then this series is for you. Your marriage can survive. Your family can thrive. But it won't just happen we must listen to God for the answers.

This series starts Sunday April 22. Arrange your schedule now and invite someone to come with you.

Series Downloads

A Legacy Worth Leaving Sermon Notes  
A Legacy Worth Leaving PPT   
Praying For Those We Love   
Praying For Those We Love Notes  
The Family In A Dysfunctional World PPT   
The Family That Goes The Distance   
The Family That Goes The Distance Sermon Notes   
The Priority Of Prayer PPT   
The Priority Of Prayer Sermon Notes   
The Family Part 2 PPT   
What Children Owe Their Parents PPT   
What Children Owe Their Parents