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Between The Lines
Jesus was a master storyteller.  Everywhere He went, He used the location, environment, and customs that were familiar to His followers and used them to tell stories that conveyed amazing spiritual truth.  We call these stories Parables. In this series, your kids will study some of the most well-known Parables that Jesus told during His Earthly ministry.  They will not just be looking at the stories on the surface.  They will be going Between the Lines to find out what is the spiritual significance of each story.


Wednesday Night JAM Activities

Bible Quizzing

Red Level - 1st thru 3rd Grade
Blue Level - 4th thru 6th Grade

We are studying Matthew. 


February 10 - Lessons 1-15
March 10 - Lessons 1-20
April 14 - Zone Quiz Meet
May 5 - District Quiz Meet
June 16 - Regional Quiz Meet


Link to Online Quiz Game

Save the Dates

Kids Camp June 18-21

VBS July 11-15

Children's Director

Shelly Hosier


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