OUR THESIS: “The only thing that counts is love expressing itself through faith.” – Galatians 5:6

Are you hungry for something that truly satisfies? Something that matters to God?  Do you need something that will bring fulfillment to your life AND EMBRACE OTHERS? Then this series, “CRAZY LOVE,” is just for you.
“CRAZY LOVE” is about discovering an authentic and genuine kind of love as expressed by the early church and integrating it into your own LIFE. You’ll discover it is the only kind of love that truly satisfies and what God desires from us. But, it won’t just happen; it must be experienced!
In the next several weeks you’ll discover how the early church expressed God’s crazy kind of love. The result was a strong, healthy, and vibrant church. A church that loved in uncommon and unbelievable ways. As we journey through the book of ACTS, we will see God’s crazy kind of love demonstrated through His church in very tangible and personal ways. This love is the real thing and it’s very contagious. It’s free, yet, there is a cost. You’ll understand once you understand it and make a choice to live it.
So, the question is, will you come each week and experience God’s Personal Touch? 

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