The Ripple Effect is the sequel to the series "Walking With God."  This new series will continue our walk through Hebrews 11. "Walking with God"  taught us  how to walk with Him, but "The Ripple Effect" is a series on what it means to walk with God... a continuation of walking with God, but focusing on the impact and blessing's we receive because of our walk with God. Do you desire the blessings of God and want desperately to be used by God? Then this series will help you discover God's power for your life and how that power creates a "Ripple Effect" both on you and others. The Ripple Effect is God's design for the fulfillment of his promises to the world. Will you let God use you to pass on His promises to the World.

Walking With God...The Ripple Effect  Notes - Powerpoint
The Ripple Effect - Passing On Our Faith To Others  Powerpoint
The Ripple Effect God's Way  Notes - Powerpoint
The Ripple Effect - Character Building Faith  Notes - Powerpoint