“The Expected One”

Who was in the manger that First Christmas Morning?

Every Christmas, Christians all over the world celebrate the Advent season, recognizing the love, hope, joy and peace that is found in Jesus Christ. The Expected One is a powerful message series for us, as we prepare our hearts for Christmas throughout the Advent season. This series of massages invites you to consider why Christmas matters in the first place. Somewhere beyond the traditions of the holiday lies the truth about Jesus and His birth. It may be more compelling than you’ve realized. These messages will help us examine the facts about the true identity of the Child in the manger.

Join us as we ask the tough, pointed questions:

Is Jesus really God in the flesh?

Can the biographies of Jesus be trusted?

What does the Bible say?

Did Jesus fulfill the attributes of God?

Is the virgin birth possible?

Can the eyewitness, scientific and archaeological evidence be trusted?

Did Jesus uniquely match the identity of the prophesized Messiah?


These and many other questions will be answered during this series. Come and discover the compelling evidence for yourself. The Expected One series will help you experience the wonder, love and grace of the first Christmas.


The series starts Sunday, Nov. 30 – Dec. 28
Powerpoint Week One
Powerpoint Week Two