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"Christmas... A Celebration or Experience"

It is easy for Christmas to become merely a Celebration rather than an Experience. This series will help you discover Christ this Christmas in a very significant and personal way. Christmas is an everyday experience and God came so that we would experience Him personally rather than just know about Him. Always remember - Jesus is the Reason for the Season.

Through this Advent season, prepare to Celebrate the excitement of the First Christmas.
All Church Services throughout the Advent Season on Sunday Evenings.

Dec. 2 - First Sunday of Advent:

  • Advent Candle Lighting - Candle of Hope
  • AM Message: The Zacharias Experience
  • PM Service - Featuring pastor Nancy Cantrell our adopted pastor from Maple Shade Church.

Dec. 9 - Second Sunday of Advent:

  • Advent Candle Lighting: Candle of Love
  • Christmas program - Children's Ministry
  • Christmas treats : SDMI
  • PM Service - All Church Zone Service featuring - Anne Downing

Dec. 16 - Third Sunday of Advent:

  • Advent Candle Lighting: Candle of Joy
  • Message: The Joseph/Mary Experience -Monologue Drama - PD
  • PM Service - Youth Christmas Service

Dec. 23 - Fourth Sunday of Advent:

  • Advent Candle Lighting: Candle of Peace
  • Message: The Shepherds Experience
  • PM - Small Group Christmas Gatherings

Dec. 24 - Christmas Eve Communion Service - at 5PM

  • Advent Candle Lighting - Candle of Christ
  • Christmas Worship - Richard Weaver
  • Special music with Teri and Evan Mino
  • Candle lighting/Communion

Dec. 30 - Navigating through the New Year: Initiative 2013

  • No Evening Services

Series Downloads

Advent Celebration Service
The Joseph & Mary Experience ppt
The Joseph Experience
The Zacharias Experience