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There’s just something about that Name! To the dead man, Jesus was life. To the blind man he was light. To the prostitute, He was a second chance. To the searching, He was the long-awaited answer. Who is Jesus to you? Does Jesus really make a difference? This series is based on the life, death and resurrection of the One who claimed to be the I Am…the Son of God. He is without question, the most influential person in history. He still impacts and changes lives today. We’ll discover together through vignettes of Jesus’ life the difference He truly makes.  Jesus’ story is our story. Let Jesus intersect your life each week and write the story of your life. You will discover the abundant life He came to give us.

The series will start March 9 and continue through Easter. I want to encourage you to start preparing for this series now. On Ash Wednesday we will begin 40 Days of Prayer & Fasting. Please begin today to pray about what you will fast. Expect God to do something new and fresh in your life each week.