This series is about connecting with Others and helping them to experience God through your life. It will be insightful and practical. Come each week and learn how you can impact people in your sphere of influence. Don't miss a week! 


The Forever Impact

THE FOREVER IMPACT I'll never forget the impact of the moment. Having never been trained in how to engage with others about my faith, I was faced with an opportunity to say something about why I was a Christian. That moment had the greatest single impact on my life than any other time, other than the moment,  I came face-to-face with God in an unexpected encounter of my own.



This weeks message: Connected - Knowing You Matter This message will help you learn how you can help others feel loved. How you yourself can be the instrument of God's grace to those around you. Come and discover how you can connect with others.

Series Downloads

Connected:  Knowing You Matter
Connected:  The Servant
14 Day Prayer Adventure 
Connecting For IMPACT PPT       
Connecting With OTHERS   
Connections - Jesus Style   
Connections - Jesus Style PPT  
The A-Ha Connection