Do you really want something that can bring you complete satisfaction?  Then try some of our ideas from our Crazy Love 2 Series!

Crazy Love 2 Personified

7 Components of HIS Amazing love:

1.  It is unconditional.  It cannot be purchased or earned.  It's FREE and God wants all of us to have it.  2. It is uncommon.   It is something that comes only from God.  Apart form personal experience with HIM it is impossible to know.  It is of Divine nature and comes from His Spirit poured into our hearts. 3. It is unbelievable.  In our humanity we do not have the compacity to understand this kind of love.  It is beyond human reasoning.  4. It's unmistakable!  This kind of love produces the fruit of the Spirit through our lives.  We cannot humanly love this way. . .It is authentic pure Christ-like love.  5.  It is usable.  God uses us in such a way that people are able to witness for themselves the love of God in everyday tangible ways.  It is a sanctified kind of love that enables us to love the unlovable and love unconditionally with mercy and forgiveness as it's foundation.  God works through us to express HIS love to OTHERS in a tangible way. 6. It is undivided in nature.  It is not superficial or selfish in any way.  It overlooks faults, failures, etc . . .It never fails, because it is always about God and His way of doing things.  It is boundaries begin and end with God.  7. It is undeniable.  People are able to say how they LOVE like God.  Now that's God's Amazing Love in a nutshell and it's an unusual kind of love.  As Paul said to the Galation church..."the only thing that counts is faith expressing itself in love."  (Gal. 5:6)  Jesus said it this way, "they will know you are my disciple if yo u have love one to another".  (John 13:34-35)


LOVE BASKETS…Contribute items or make a

donation to create a love basket. Love baskets will be handed out to people throughout the

 community, school teachers, counselors, civic servants, families and OTHERS

     LOVE NOTES…this is your chance to write a note of encouragement, thanks, appreciation, or

friendship to someone in our community; at work, at school

    LOVE PRAYERGRAMS…Write a note to one of our church family, a shut-in, someone in the hospital, someone who needs encouragement

LOVE GIFTS…Bless someone as the Spirit leads you. Give an extra tip or give to someone in need without expecting anything in return

LOVE FELLOWSHIP…Invite a couple of friends and get together with someone new, someone in your neighborhood, a co-worker, etc.

LOVE PROJECTS. . . Take a plate of cookies to someone who hasn’t been to Church in a while and write a note letting them know we have missed them.