"Destructive and Unhinged or Together and United"
People! Listen-up! We are at a major crossroads not only in America, but around the world! We can either continue to be divided and destructive, destroying the country we all love or we can "unite together" and become a people working together for all people. Today, with the instability of our country and world, it is not the time to be disgruntled, destructive and divided, arrogant with our words, biased and hateful, but a time of being "united together". United regardless, of our ideological or cultural differences! The gap between the two major parties, between cultural groups and people in general, must be diminished and brought to a resolve.
Our society is in a constant state of turmoil and at times just down-right mean-spirited. The moral gap between what we think and do, in relationship to what's right, widens daily. The result is a country in moral crisis, very splintered and culturally divided. Americans no longer hold to a coherent philosophy of life. Instead, we make our decisions upon impulse, personal preferences, biases and convenience, emotions and outright selfishness and above all what is done is based on misguided or distorted information. We no longer take into consideration what is true, right or best for all. The nasty and pathetic scenes we see on TV are absolutely heart breaking. 
I can't believe how far have we drifted from our sanity? It is literally insane to see what is happening today. The ultimate question is this: Can we recover? Absolutely! But it won't just happen. We cannot let our national foundations continue to erode. Beating each other up and attacking people rather than the problem will only lead to more corruptive division among us. 
Please, regardless of your religious affiliation, please join me in prayer, praying that God will bring us together! I know it seems impossible, but God says, "all things are possible unto him who believes". Let us give God a chance and pray!

AuthorDon Cowan