“But when he, the Spirit of truth, comes he will guide you into all truth.”(John 16:13)

 An assumption that we normally make as Christians is this; God guides the people who belong to Him.

 Certainly, it is right for every child of God to expect God’s divine leadership and intervention. However, God doesn’t always work the way we think he does. He does not provide direction for us by setting down His prearranged plan in all its particular details, because then we would focus on the details of His plan rather than focus our faith and dependence on Him.

 As the Gray-hound bus motto goes: Leave the driving to us. So it is with God! If, God, left the driving to us, who knows where we would end-up. Christ did not come to call us to follow his ways; He has asked us to follow him. The difference between following Christ and His way may seem subtle enough, but there is an incredible difference between following a path and following a person who leads us along that path.  The path He takes us on may not seem logical or even rational, but never-the-less, we will always end up where He wants us to be.

 I believe our primary task is to know Jesus so intimately that when we allow Him to be in the drivers seat of our life, we will always arrive on time at the place he wants us to be when He wants us to be there.

 Jesus said,” If anyone would come after me, he must be where I am.” John 12:26 In other words, not where I am is He, but where He is, I need to be. In simple language,” Don, go ahead and do what you want, but I’ll be”……! Where did you say lord?

 My personal relationship with Jesus must be so intimate, that I am able it discern His direction for my life, because I have the Spirit of Truth doing the leading in my life.

 Always remember this. God is too wise to make a mistake and too good to do anything wrong. Be patient! He knows the way. All we need to do is leave the driving to Him.

 When God is doing the driving, there is nothing impossible for Him. However, we must remember that God uses the human element to get the job done. But, remember this. The Holy Spirit becomes our GPS and He redirects and keeps us going in the right direction. Wow! What a God! He has a provision for everything.

 Blessings Ahead!


AuthorDon Cowan