Today my heart goes out to the numerous families suffering as a result of ideological extremists. Now nor ever is the time to attack each other. The prejudices and biases that are causing these serious atrocities around the world are senseless and idiotic. It is time that we join together as one people...people created to be united and in harmony with one another for the common good of each other. We must be careful in choosing our words in reaction to these atrocities and not contribute to escalating the problem. All people and lives are significant. Let us be part of the solution to our world disharmony. It is not enough to say I care. We must show we care in attitude and action, but it won't just happen. Every one of us must be willing to take responsibility for initiating peaceful solutions and trusting in the principles and practices that have made us the nation we are. Let us join together as one people! I echo the words of George Washington - "Observe good faith and justice toward all nations. Cultivate peace and harmony with all." Let it be so!

AuthorDon Cowan