This morning as I was reflecting on Scripture, I was intrigued as I read this staggering verse - "I have chosen you" - Wow! Four words that gripped my heart and moved me to my knees. Four powerful words that speak volumes about the one who said them. Four words that jumped off the print on page and penetrated my mind and heart. Four words that I couldn't get away from or out of my mind. I kept hearing them over and over again..."I have chosen you." Four words that wouldn't go away! They exploded with new meaning every time I repeated them, because of the one who said them.

"I have chosen you. You did not chose me, but I have chosen you, because I want you, so great things can be accomplished through you." - John 15:16

Words of hope, encouragement, love, confidence, and above all - confident affirmation. An affirming voice that said in an overwhelming way..."I want you! I created you and formed you. I know you by name. You are mine! You belong to me" Isaiah 43.

Then, the words of hope came, "Forget the former things, do not dwell on the past, See, I am about to do a new thing through you. Though you don't see it, I'm doing it." Isaiah 43:18-19

Paul said it this way, "Forgetting what is behind and pressing forward...I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God called me heavenward in Christ Jesus" -Philippians 3:14

Peter said it this way, "But, you are a chosen people, a king to me, a perfect picture of what I want, you belong to me" 1 Peter 2:9

Anytime you use your God given abilities, encouraging, sharing with, caring for, doing good, lifting up or what ever...You are are doing it for me. You are my representative, my manager, my father, my son or daughter, my employee, my friend, my work. You have been chosen for me for this hour and place in time. Wherever you are, then there I am, working through your potential and efforts.

I'll make you useful to me in every moment of time. I made are mine..."I have chosen you to be my servant leader. So, step up to the plate and get the job done. I will be with you and help you..."by my right hand I will lift you up." - Isaiah 43:10

What ever our assignment in life God will lift us up and use us for his glory and our good. There is not an assignment we cannot accomplish, because He is in control. He has called us to be useful in our service to him. Romans 7:4

Wow! God has assigned me to do His work. Whether a pastor, a father, a mother, a CEO, a chaplain, a teacher, a construction worker, an auto mechanic...He has chosen me to be useful to him. I belong to him. I represent Him. That really gives me new understanding in my current situation, job assignment and future. He's in control and going to do a new thing through my efforts. How awesome is that?

Don Cowan

AuthorDon Cowan