Tomorrow is the First Sunday of Lent. It started this past Wednesday (Ash Wednesday)and continues to Easter. It is a time of fasting and penitence for 40 days. During this time we usually give up something by fasting it. For example, giving up Facebook, sweets, certain foods or things, as an example of our sacrifice to honor God for His goodness to us. However, it is my challenge that you do more than merely eliminate something. That is easy and we do it all the time for a period of time. But, what if we added something that would result in eliminating a lot of things, not just for a period of time, but for the good of becoming a better me. What if we said, I'm going to spend 15 minutes with God every day or I'm going to start being in Church every week? What if we said, I'm going to forgive someone or better yet, I'm going to love "my enemies" as Jesus taught. What if I said, I'm going to start reading God's word and praying every day? What do you think would happen? Listen folks, giving-up something for a period of time is good, but what about starting something that will be on-going as it relates to my relationship with God. After all, Lent is about focusing on God and I eliminate something so I can do just that. So, let me pose a question to you. What are you going to start doing that will cultivate and maintain your relationship with God? Isn't that the real intent of Lent? Why not start today and add something, instead of eliminate something? Oh, by the way, once you add something that keeps you connected to God, You'll find yourself eliminating a lot of stuff that is keeping you from being obedient to God. What do you suppose pleases God more...Adding something or eliminating something? Why not start tomorrow with worship?

AuthorDon Cowan