2017 Initiative: Reboot and Reestablish the Faith

Today calls for strong faith and sanctified faithfulness. Apart from God's Word coming off the print on page and getting integrated into our everyday lives, we will fail to reach a world in need of Christ. It's time to "contend for the faith" and be the people God has called us to be. But, it won't just happen. We must reboot our lives according to God's Word the Bible and  then restart it by applying it to our daily lives. God is looking for people who want God and are willing to "fight for the faith." Not a literal fight, but a spiritual one. God's truth is under attack. False teachers and the misguided believers are using the Bible to support their views and perspective, rather than on, Jesus Christ, who is our Sovereign and Lord. (Jude 4) We must not miss this point. It's time to realign our lives by rebooting  and downloading God's Word. We must reestablish the faith, re-engage God and be responsible servants. Our faith must not be hijacked by a non-biblical worldview. We must get back to the basics of God's Word.There is no other way to reach this world. "I urge you to contend for the faith that was once for all entrusted to God's holy people." - (Jude 3)

The Book of Jude is a great way to start the new year and be reminded that God is in charge and has not lost control. His word will redirect our lives and get us refocused on His truth and what that looks like in everyday life. I am confident that as we unlock the truths of God's word and power, we will have a remarkable impact in community and those people in our personal sphere-of-influence. God is calling us to be aware of what is happening around us and too "fight for the faith" by practicing the truths of the Bible. That makes Bible study an essential for us. Let us get back to the basics of the faith. Do not lose heart. Let the word of God direct, persuade and control you. God's Word is the same yesterday, today and forever. As John Wesley said, "I am a man of one book." That book of course is the Bible. It must be the foundation of everything, otherwise, any ones voice counts. 

As we prepare for the new year before us, Let's engage God in His Word and make the Bible the foundation upon which we will "reboot and reestablish the faith."


What will that look like in our church and individual lives? 

What action steps do we need to take to get on track?

What am I personally willing to do to make sure it happens?

Our answers and actions to these questions will dictate and determine the outcomes of the year before us.


Don Cowan

AuthorDon Cowan