Falling in Love with Jesus...

A Weird Kind of Love


The only thing that counts is faith expressing itself through Love"


 Are you hungry for something really good? Are you looking for something that truly satisfies? Are you needing something that will bring fulfillment and dynamic to your life? Then, this worship series of messages on God's Love is just for you.

 God's love is a very weird kind of love. It's the kind of love that would go to such an extreme that it's almost like a fairy-tale. How could God care so much about me and want me? Why would He go to such extreme to love me? Is it possible to love like God loves me? And, what would that kind of love look like?

 "Falling in Love with Jesus .... A Weird kind of Love" is the title of this worship series.

In this series we'll learn about God's love and how that love can impact both my life and those around me. It's the kind of love that is contrary to the world's way of thinking and understanding. To see this love in action through Jesus Christ will unveil the kind of love God has for us and the kind of love we can have for others. It's really a weird kind of love, because it is so rarely seen or expressed. We'll learn the process of weird love and how it can change me into the very expression of God's Love.

 For the next several weeks we will "fall in love" with God in a very weird kind of way. Weird, because it's the kind of love that does weird things. It is the solution to reaching out to the unlovable, the untouchable, the unthinkable and embracing them with His love for others.  

This uncommon love is so unique that you will "fall" madly in love with God in the same way He loves you and it will be through that relationship of love that you will begin to love like God loves us...In a very weird kind of way.

 This series starts this Sunday, Oct. the 4th. Hope you can come and bring a friend.

Come and learn about the amazing love of God. 

AuthorDon Cowan