This morning as I was awakened by the beauty of the lighting in the sky, I was reminded that "as the skies declare the handy work of God" we declare the love of God to Others! What we are determines what we do and what we do demonstrates to others what we believe. We either live for God or for ourselves. Either way we will give account to God for the way we live our lives. Think about what His word says:

"He has showed you, O man, what is good. And what does the LORD require of you? to act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God." (Micah 6:8)
Micah could not find an upright person anywhere in the Land. Even today, uprightness (honesty, integrity, loving kindness) is difficult to find. Society rationalizes sin, and even Christians sometimes comprise Christian biblical principles in order to do what they want. It's easy to convince ourselves that we deserve breaks, especially when "everyone else" is doing it. Certainly the standards for integrity and walking with God have virtually disappeared from the Christian lifestyle today. We all can contribute to the problem or we can be a solution to it.
God created us to be in a loving and living relationship with Him. He alone is able to transform our lives into the image of Christ -style living if we will do the three things as outlined by Micah...

·         act justly - be wise, fair and loving in every way in our attitudes/actions. (word, thought ,deed)

·         to love mercy - be respectful and kind to others. Treat people with dignity and value, rather than demean them.

·         to walk humbly with your God - the way we treat people is reflective of how we relate to God. Our walk is to be one of humility and love, not hatefulness or demeaning disrespect, but loving in every way. Why? Because God treats us that way. To walk with God is to invite Him to lead the way and to commune with Him everyday. We include Him in our communications, our service to others, our "labors of love". How is your humility these days. How much time are you spending with God? Are you really spening time in His Word and prayer, if not you are probably reflecting a worldly behavior.

As I reflected over all these thoughts this morning, I have to confess that it is easy to operate in the flesh, instead of in the Spirit. It's easy to become judgmental, undisciplined and hateful, when God is wanting us to be like Him in attitude and action. The question is: Are we living that way 24/7? Perhaps the problem lies with the amount of time we are spending with the Savior!
Father my prayer today is that we the Body of Christ would take the words of Scripture seriously and be honest with ourselves and you. I want to "walk humbly" with you in such a way that my life reflects the fact that I have been spending time with you in prayer and the study of your Word. I pray that as leaders we would be the kind of servants to others that Christ was to the disciples. Help us to operate in the power of the Spirit and not the flesh. Show us the way of grace and love. Help us to be Spiritual leaders of the Church, relying more on YOU than our own intelligence and ability. Anoint us with your Presence this day and lead us by your Spirit. Amen!

AuthorDon Cowan