Fact or Myth:

Investigating the Evidence of Belief

"In the beginning God...." Genesis 1:1

 Go with us on the ultimate quest for spiritual truth! "According to a recent study, 43% of Americans believe that all religions teach the same lessons and 40% of "born again" Christians believe that Muslims and Christians worship the same God. Some even believe the false teaching of universalism - that eventually everyone goes to heaven." (GodQuest - by Sean McDowell) This is one of many of the reasons for this series of messages leading up to Easter. In a world where spiritual confusion is increasing, this series of messages helps bring clarity and conviction, moving you toward a solid foundation for faith.

 The messages in this series will address an academic approach of the life, death and resurrection of Jesus. The facts and evidence for God, Creation and the Bible will be presented, so you can make an intelligent decision about what to believe about Jesus. Each message will present controversial information. If, you will be open-minded and fair, not allowing your whims or prejudices get in the way - you should be able to follow the evidence wherever it leads. The goal is that when the evidence is in, you will be able to reach a verdict. It may call for more research on your part, but please, consider the evidence without preconceived notions or presuppositions. Views will be presented that you may not agree with, but the end-result is to be fair, while being accurate regarding the facts and evidence. Let the evidence speak for itself and resonate in your mind. Check out the sources you are using to gather the facts. Be a thinker and don't allow your feelings effect the concluding evidence.

 The messages will stimulate your thinking and hopefully persuade you to continue your quest for truth. The messages are:

 ·         What can we believe about God, Creation and the Bible? Can I trust the evidence?

·         Man, Myth or Messiah...What do you believe? Is Jesus who He claimed to be?

·         Did Jesus Really Die?  Answers that don't lie!

·         A Miraculous Resurrection: Is it True? Is He Alive?

·         Moving Beyond Belief! Why you should Believe Jesus is the Only way to God?

 What you believe Determines Where you go in Life. Your Belief will dictate how you live your life. As you move on to explore the truth about truth, engage every part of you - mind, heart and soul in pursuit of the truth about God and His Son Jesus. What do you believe? Remember, what you believe will determine how you live your life and you final destination will be.          

                            "If, you seek me with all your heart you will find me." Jeremiah 23:11

AuthorDon Cowan