Do you feel like your life is "broken"? I have learned that many people are there and have been for most of their life. Is there an answer to our 'brokenness? The astounding answer is YES!

"Unbroken" - is a series of messages addressing the issues of life that cause us to have shattered and broken lives. Most of us have been there and are right now. I have learned people's lives today are filled with pain...Either through stress, pressure, unfortunate circumstances, others decisions or your own bad decisions, many of us find ourselves living in a broken world of heartache and frustration. In fact, for many, their world has literally fallen apart. This series of messages from the book of James is designed to help you begin to put your "broken" life back together. The messages are:

  • "In the Storms of Life" 
  • Getting help when you're stuck in your trouble
  • When all you Have is God's Love
  • How to defeat your Discouragement
  • How to deal with Desires that Destroy

Perhaps you know someone who needs this series. Come and invite them to attend Church with you. You will not be disappointed.

AuthorDon Cowan