Yesterday our teen group went on a float trip! We headed up to Tahlequah, OK to float down the Illinois River in nine canoes. The river had a great current so we were able to float fairly easily. But man was it hot! Several teens looked like lobsters at the end of the day.

We floated a grand total of 13 miles with a break for lunch! We all had a great time. If you or someone you know would like to join our teen group we would love to have you! We do lots of fun stuff throughout the year:

• several big trips per year: retreats/camp/Six Flags/and more
• we have a great new youth worship band that plays on Wednesday nights
• in-depth Bible studies
• summer pool parties
• movie nights with goodies

The youth meet every Wednesday at 6:45pm and Sunday at 6:00pm. Come by and check us out! If you would like more info, you can email me (youth pastor) here!

AuthorAustin Harms