Let's all think like a Squirrel

Thinking like a Squirrel is a sign that we theologians have run out of ways to ponder the existence and being of God when we start naming our theologies after animals but here goes:

"Dog Theology" goes like this: "You feed me. You pet me. You shelter me. You love me. You must be God!"

"Cat Theology" goes like this: "You feed me. You pet me. You shelter me. You love me. I must be God."

I would like to put forth a Squirrel theology. The way squirrels live their lives puts them on a different theological plane than dogs or cats?                              

First, consider that squirrels are so good at what they do they have generated a whole anti-squirrel industry — the manufacture of "squirrel-proof" bird feeders. If you have ever attempted to feed just birds and not squirrels from your backyard feeder, you know that no one has yet succeeded in creating a truly "squirrel-proof" feeder. Products designed to Baffle don't baffle them for long. Weighted feeding slots don't get them discouraged. Believe me - I have some in my back-yard!

Squirrels aren’t rocket scientists. But they use all their squirrely attributes to get to the prize. They dig in with their toes. They balance on precarious perches. They use their tails like anchors. They use their front paws like a surgeon’s skilled hands. The squirrel's tactics aren't necessarily perfect, but they are always persistent.

All squirrels' antics are centered on a single-minded purpose. NUTS! And because of that single-minded purpose, they find joy in every moment as though it is the only one that matters. By the way, I think the 4-letter words NUTS is an acronym for Never Underestimate The Saint!

This New Church Year I want  to drive you NUTS . . . so you will live a NUTS Life . . . a life of purposeful living!

"He became one of us, that we might be one with him."

Irenaeus, AD 180

Let us be one with Him. Drive people NUTS with Christ-like living.

AuthorDon Cowan