This coming weekend our teens will be heading to SNU for their Extravaganza event. This event is a high-energy weekend full of competition, activities, and worship services. This is one of our year's most popular events and our teens are excited to go!

I would ask our church family to keep us in your prayers. Pray specifically that the Holy Spirit would draw our teens closer to God than they've ever been before. Pray that we would be protected from the evil strategies of the devil that want to bring us down. And lastly, pray that we would see new leaders rise up in our teen group. It is so important for our younger guys and girls to see solid, Christ-like examples from our older teens. 

We will be leaving this Friday at 4pm and returning Monday, May 26 around noon. So if you would pray for our safety on the road as well!

We very much appreciate the love and support of our church family. There wouldn't be a teen group without you, so thank you very much. We are going to have a great time!

AuthorAustin Harms