Last night our teens went around the church neighborhood and hung door hangers with information about our Easter services on them and talked with people inviting them to church. I was so proud to see them interacting with the people. We actually got some good responses too! To me this is one of the things we should be doing on a more consistent basis. Not necessarily hanging door hangers, but inviting people to church and sharing the gospel.

The word "gospel" means good news doesn't it? The story of Jesus is great news, and people need to know about it. It's our job to present the good news and the Holy Spirit's job to take it from there. Of course if people are accepting and searching it is still our job to disciple and help people grow in their walk with the Lord, but we need to be more active in taking that first step.

Here is a photo of our door hangers. Stop by the church if you would like to hand some out yourself. Everyone needs to know we are a church who cares about our community!


AuthorAustin Harms