The Community Services Clearinghouse is seeking sponsors to help provide Thanksgiving dinner to local families in need. 

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The Clearinghouse Emergency Food Pantry assists elderly families, working families in crisis situations and the families of low-income cancer patients.  Approximately 20,000 individuals pass through the pantry each year.  These are families who cannot afford the extra expense of a holiday dinner. 

For just $25, you can share the meaning of Thanksgiving with a family in need.  The Clearinghouse seeks sponsors for only our current clients, so you can be certain your support is going to a family with a true need.  This is a wonderful program for church groups, clubs or businesses seeking a service project.  We welcome families who wish to be of help to their neighbors, but aren't sure how to offer assistance.  All sponsors will be given basic information about the family they sponsor, making it a meaningful experience for those electing to share the joy of the holiday. 

Please email or call Sue Robison at 479-782-5074 for more information on the Community Services Clearinghouse Thanksgiving sponsorship program. 

AuthorDon Cowan