I have recently begun reading a book called "If Jesus Were A Parent" by Hal Perkins, and it is a great resource for not only parents, but anyone wanting to learn how to create disciples.  The author gets down to the point very early in the book.  He says that either God is real and everything He says in His Word is true, or He isn't.  And as Christians we proclaim to believe that God is in fact very real, and His Word is the gospel truth.  Included in those beliefs are that Heaven and Hell both exist, so wouldn't we want to do everything possible to make sure our kids spend eternity with Jesus?


When I read that question, my answer was yes!  I'm not going to get into a theological debate here, but I don't believe Jesus is calling us to simply lead our kids to say a "sinners prayer" and then assume they're good to go from there.  The book says in fact that we should celebrate our child's conversion and give them a special Bible with their name on it when they accept Jesus, but that is only the beginning!   

If we want to make sure they stay right with Jesus for their entire life, we have to learn how to disciple them while they are young.  The book talks about developing "heart obedience," which is when children sincerely want to obey their parents (through many years of relationship building and intentional parenting).  Even when they make mistakes, they have good intentions about their obedience towards their parents.  Sounds too good to be true, right?  How in the world can we "make" kids obey, especially in this day and age?   

When the author and his wife discovered they were about to be the parents of triplets, they decided they had to make a plan if they wanted their kids to grow up fearing the Lord.  They made their plans and stuck to them, and now all four of their adult children are in full-time ministry and are completely sold out to Jesus Christ.   

Even if this task seems impossible, we have to try, right?  Some may say, "my kids would never obey like that!"  We can't give up!  Our kids' eternal destinies are greatly influenced by our parenting.  

The keynote speaker at our district assembly recommended this book, and so do I.  It has great advice and I know it struck a chord with me.  Check it out for yourself!  http://amzn.to/16ylPe1


AuthorAustin Harms