This Week's Advent Challenge: Radical Living. This week I'm challenging every one to be a servant to someone. Jesus said, "I have come not to be served, but to serve and give my life as a ransom to OTHERS!" MK 10:45 Wow! Now, that's an amazing way to live..being a servant to others by denying myself. What can you literally do to show Random Acts of kindness by being a servant to someone. Consider the following: Restore a broken relationship, do something at home without having to be ask, decide to be involved in ministry, disciple someone this year, do something for a you get it? Pray to God and say, "Father, help me to be a gift of kindness to someone this week. Both to YOU and those who cross my path. Help me to see whom I can serve and may I remember that Christ came to show me how to serve...That's one of the many purposes of Christmas. As the Nike commercial use to say, "Just do it!"

AuthorDon Cowan