As the holiday season draws near, you may be looking for new ways to instill a love of giving to your children.  It is important that children view the holidays as an opportunity to give and serve those around them.  Here is one idea that you may want to start as a tradition in your home:

Photo Credit: jurvetson via Compfight cc

Designate a jar in the house as the “Servant’s Jar”.  Each time you catch your child(ren) doing a small act of service (example: helping with the dishes), place a few coins in the jar.  Let them know you will match the amount of money that ends up in the jar.  The week of Christmas, count the money in the jar and together decide how you can use that money to bless someone.  It is amazing how excited children can be to serve someone else when they are given the opportunity!

What other ways have you come up with to encourage giving with your children?


AuthorAustin Harms